Friday, September 1, 2023

Wobbles the 500lb gangster - revisted

It was 2016 when 'Wobbles' the bloods gangster was nailed for selling 93 guns. He bought himself 15 years in a federal pen. He tried to appeal in 2020 but that failed miserably.

A 500-pound gangster who had his arraignment in a courthouse basement basement when he couldn't fit his wheelchair in the elevator last year has lost nearly 80 pounds since his arrest. William 'Wobbles' Soler, also dubbed 'Redrum' (murder backward), reportedly had some honey-roasted Planters peanuts nestled between his arm and his wheelchair. 'Have you seen him? Yes, he lost a lot of weight, definitely 60 to 80 pounds,' said Soler's lawyer Brian Sullivan
Despite his recent weight loss, the obese gangster had to enter through the side of the courtroom since his wheelchair does not fit in the door that inmates usually enter through. His lawyers and prosecutors spoke to a judge for several minutes before the case was adjourned.

Soler is facing 25 years in prison after allegedly plotting the murder of rival gang members and smuggling dozens of guns into New York City. Soler and his ring of gun runners reportedly bought 93 firearms on the streets of Westchester in New York state, Maine and Connecticut.