Friday, August 11, 2023

Becoming a Hells Angel

If one is interested in joining the Hells Angels, or any 1% motorcycle club (outlaw motorcycle gang — OMG) and are on the internet to figure out how, then you probably won’t be joining anytime soon. Number one on the list of requirements is to have the 'right' personality, and that comes from your lifestyle. If you need to ask, you aren't in that lifestyle.

Basic requirements are;
•Have a driver's license
•Own a working motorcycle - Harley Davidson or Buell exclusively
•Never have applied to be a police officer or prison guard
•Not be a child molester

Members MUST BE white and male. Outside America, some Hells Angels charters have looser race requirements. In the US it is exclusively white only. Joining the Hells Angels is considered a lifetime commitment. If you do leave the club, or are kicked out, patches are returned as they are always considered club property. Refuse and they will be taken by force. This includes body ink and jewelry.
The Phases of Membership - 'The Program'

1. The Hang-around: Being a hang-around is the first stage. Most are invited by a club member, a friend or family member who is an OMG biker to an event. Other Hells Angels MC members are constantly judging your character. A “hangaround” always shows respect and will never interrupt members when they are talking. To become a “hangaround” without introduction from an existing member is difficult. It helps if you have skills the gang finds useful — usually criminal. If you get noticed, you move up to be an associate.

2. The Associate: The next step up is the associate, where you will spend up to a few more years attending events and meeting members. They will continue to evaluate you.

3. The Prospect: A patch-wearing member of the OMG needs to sponsor a prospect. The gang will generally run a background check including credit checks so the gang can verify a prospect’s identity as thoroughly as possible. Once you are a prospect you are allowed to attend more events, however you will not vote on club matters and there will be some meetings that you are not allowed to attend. The prospect becomes the butt of jokes and is expected to do menial grunt work like cleaning and guarding bikes. The prospect period is designed to make candidates show their loyalty to the club, which often includes committing crimes. Violence is often expected by the gang. The ultimate way for a prospect to prove his loyalty to the club is through murder.

4. The Fully Patched Member: The final step in the process. You will only reach this stage after a vote, which must be unanimous. It is the years of evaluations during the recruitment process that determine if you receive the votes required. Full-Patch, or being "patched" refers to the fact that the member has earned the right to wear patches, including the Hells Angel "death head", the words "Hells Angels" on the top rocker, and the club location on the lower rocker.

Hells Angels and prospects follow strict club rules.
Hells Angels will never go out together without their colors. If one HA is pulled over by police, the entire group will pull over. Members can't talk to the media and can never talk to the public about the club, rules or other members. On a ride, the HA have a specific order. First is the president, then the road captain, and then the sergeant at arms, then the rest of the members and prospects. They will pull over together to avoid disrupting this order.
The vest (cut) is sacred. If one Hells Angel gets arrested they will want to give the cut to another member. Protecting the colors applies to accidents and injuries that may require medical personnel to remove a vest or jacket. When a patient arrives at the hospital, it's common for staff to cut garments off. Staff members are told not to cut through a Hell's Angels patch. Members are very sensitive to abuse of their colors. They are earned, and extremely valuable. Even a member slapping another's back, on the patch, may result in violence.
A 'Filthy Few' patch or tattoo is earned when a murder is committed for the club. A 'Dequiallo' patch or tattoo is earned by acting violently towards cops.

'AFFA' stands for Angels Forever, Forever Angels. The club's colors are red and white. The 'Big House Crew' refers to members in jail. '81' represent the first two letters of the club.