Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Dennis James Watson slags Hells Angels yet again

"Sonny Barger is announcing that he has officially rejoined the Oakland chapter and is heading home with the pimps and baby killers."

'Religious' Dennis James Watson's balls have grown exponentially larger with his newly found unmasking a year ago and truly, if we suspected a mental illness before we are certain of it now. Truth is Mr. Dennis James Watson feels he can say ANYTHING he pleases in public, slagging Hells Angels, gangsters and innocent teens (it matters not which it is) without any repercussions whatever.
Lets recap. In the past few weeks he has openly supported the terrorists Nuttall and Korody, he has viciously slagged a dead man in Rob Ford, and he has supported the 'falun gong' even though he is very clearly clueless about the entire issue. He now redoubles his efforts to slag the Hells Angels and it's founder Sonny Barger for reasons only another mental case could possibly guess.

Mr Dennis James Watson is very much like a fart in the wind, happily spreading his public stench whichever way the wind happens to be blowing in that 'mind' of his.
Too true fact here is the entire HA premise lives or dies on respect. In order to even be considered a street gang that respect must be there ... if it isn't the Hells Angels are a group of little old women in a knitting club.

Mr. Dennis James Watson has been disrespecting the Hells Angels for years, and that disrespect has now gained intensity and stridency since his open unveiling to the world. He must believe he is fully untouchable and can do and say whatever the fuck he pleases.
Based upon what we have documented here is he incorrect in this thinking? We have recorded much lately and the British Columbia Hells Angels are making themselves out as TOTAL and COMPLETE fucking pussies. If they won't make a stand against the likes of Mr. Dennis James Watson do they intend to EVER make a stand against civilians who jerk off in their faces? If not the streets are wide open for a real gang ... one not 'afraid' to take executive action when it's very clearly needed and required to maintain respect.

Dennis James Watson

Dennis James Watson