Tuesday, August 9, 2016

E-Mail from Ryan Tessier - Drumheller Chrysler - Update II

Linda Buchamer, Darrell Buchamer
Linda Buchamer is the described owner/operator of Top Rocker Motorcycle Gear Ltd. for the past 3 years. Her husband is Darrell Buchamer. It seems unlikely she is the principal and appears a nominee as her background includes running a Bucky's Liquor Store for a year and managing a Radio station for a year. Neither would provide the capital required to subsequently own and run a biker bar.

Her previous employment was as an account manager with various organizations, all short term. It should be noted Top Rocker Motorcycle Gear Ltd. runs ongoing employment ads and REQUIRES severs to be bondable.
It absolutely appears Top Rocker Motorcycle Gear Ltd. evolved from a small, family run on-line business about 3 years ago. This, on it's face, would refute an HA connection. However, the association with Mr Jamie Worman, who subsequently spearheaded numerous public fundraising efforts is unsettling. His background is murky at this point. Appearances can be deceiving and that may apply to the ridiculously inked Mr. Worman. I have no plausible explanation for his threats. Work continues.

Ryan Tessier - Manager rt@drumhellerchrysler.com
"Jamie is an upstanding citizen and he does a lot to help people of the community. This matter was carefully vetted by the RCMP and they were the party most interested in laying the charges after compiling their evidence.

Unfortunately, this day in age there is far too much internet trolling and online slandering. None of which our business has any interest in being associated with. We have no time or tolerance for any of this.

I also no longer want our business name mentioned in any of your online battles. Posting our ads, etc is absolutely unacceptable.

Armand Tessier Owner - Drumheller Chrysler

The matter between yourself and Mr. Worman need to be settled between him and yourself. Or, I strongly suggest, you both can just let whatever cyber argument you may have had alone.

I wish to receive no further communication from you. And if I find my name mentioned or my business name mentioned I will turn this matter over to my legal council and the RCMP.

Ryan Tessier
Drumheller Chrysler"
Long time readers would know how we respond to threats from idiots. 'Counsel' is spelled thusly. Lets move beyond that. The primary issue is charity funds getting ripped off under the nose of a Drumheller Chrysler employee, the second issue is numerous, possibly illegal threats on Facebook, with the underlying issue being the possible involvement of the Hells Angels in the first two.

Lets start with my response to the nada too bright Mr. Tessier. "Sir I find your very many thinly veiled and in fact open threats extremely offensive. You can take this to whomever you fukkin please and without further notice. NO NEED to explain a damn thing to me before doing it.

NONE of my material is coming down at this time, and in fact MORE is likely to be posted, including your ridiculous e-mailed threats. Stay tuned 'Sir' By the way, I expect 100% to find the connection between your blameless employee, Top Rocker, the Hells Angels, and very open fraud in your community. Stay tuned for your name to plastered all over that too. Pfffft."
All righty then. We're working toward establishing the link betwix the Hells Angels Southland Chapter and Top Rocker Motorcycle Gear Ltd. As previously spewed this is HA turf, and it is this belief the storefront of Top Rocker may be little more than a retail version of a Hells Angels clubhouse.

If this were proven everything falls into place amazingly well. The HA pull a large public fraud in Lethbridge, Mr Jamie Worman feels he can threaten whomever he likes, whenever he likes with full impunity and the entire matter gets buried under even MORE threats from the likes of dum dum Ryan Tessier.

Supposing something and proving it are two totally different things. THIS TIME I believe I'll find the smoking gun without too much trouble. Stay tuned folks.