Friday, February 12, 2021

Kristopher Teichrieb ordered to pay $6.9m

Kristopher Teichrieb a 'man' who savagely beat Jessie Simpson with a baseball bat in 2016 has been ordered to pay $6.9m following civil court proceedings. He brutally inflicted catastrophic, permanent injuries.

Jessie Simpson
Teichrieb pleaded guilty to aggravated assault and was sentenced to seven years in prison. Teichrieb will become eligible for statutory release in March 2021. He had been charged with attempted murder. Jessie Simpson turned 19 years old while in a comma for nine months, and will need 24-hour care for the rest of his life.
Kristopher Teichrieb
Kristopher Teichrieb walked into a Kamloops courtroom with a big smile on his face on Monday July 18, 2016, waving at a group of friends and family seated in the gallery. He has been in custody since he was arrested June 19 after Jessie Simpson was beaten into a coma near Teichrieb’s home with a baseball bat.

Jessie Simpson
19-year-old Jessie Simpson remained in a coma on Monday after being beaten with a baseball bat on Holt Street in Kamloops on June 19. Kristopher Teichrieb, 39, has been charged with attempted murder. The assault occurred around 4:50 a.m. when Teichrieb looked out his window and saw a male standing in his driveway. He went outside to confront the youth and assaulted him with a weapon.
Kristopher Teichrieb
Simpson, who graduated from South Kamloops secondary, was coming home from a grad party before the violent incident. He is described as small, standing about 5-foot-6, with a slight build.

Simpson was chased down Holt Street and suffered three open skull fractures.