Saturday, August 13, 2016

"Gingerbread Man" taunts Pittsburgh Police - Ends Badly

Heath Emory MillerA Pittsburgh man who taunted authorities on social media and referred to himself as "The Gingerbread Man" while eluding capture and staying one step ahead of them saw his luck run out.

The Allegheny County Sheriff's Office said Heath Emory Miller, 25, was wanted on five bench warrants for a probation/parole violation, all connected to a string of burglaries. Deputies tried to arrest him after he was seen in a park. Miller saw the deputies before they were able to spot him and eluded them by hiding in a nearby wooded area. Later that evening, Miller took to Facebook.
'They call me the gingerbread man. Catch me if u can. I'm running as fast as I can. Time for new scenery and a new state, Fuckers Pgh.'

A new tip led deputies to the home of Miller's girlfriend. She was taken into custody. Upon hearing of her arrest, Miller again posted on Facebook, 'You gotta be quicker then that lol. Gingerbread man I told y'all fuckers just leave me alone. Miller was eventually found hiding in the attic at a home that he was known to frequent.