Thursday, October 13, 2016

Martin Bernatchez shot at campground/trailer park in Granby - Update

It was a photographer with the newspaper Le Droit that found that the winged skulls adorning the fence and the words "Hells Angels Nomads" overhanging the garage roof of the Hells Angels property on Piperville in Carlsbad Springs had been removed. Reportedly, one of the Ontario Nomads required to hand over his nomads cut is Martin Bernatchez, chapter President. He was the target of a murder attempt in a Granby campground in August.
Phil Boudreault, the victim of a murder attempt near Lachute this spring that left him seriously injured, is returning to a chapter in Toronto.

Few doubt the Hells Angels in Quebec, including dozens that were recently released, are behind the closure of the Nomads chapter of Carlsbad Springs. Ontario Nomads have been accused of encroaching on the territory of some Quebec bikers, members of the Sherbrooke chapter in particular, and have not paid taxes. This would explain the motive against both Boudreault and Bernatchez.
Martin BernatchezSûreté du Québec are reporting a shooting occurred around 2 a.m. Friday at the L’EstriVal campsite. Bernatchez, head of the Nomads chapter of the Hells Angels in Ontario was shot three times. The gunman escaped. In mid-April, the vice president of the Nomads, Phil Boudreault, was also targeted by a gunman while riding his bike in Lachute. The number 2 was seriously injured with a punctured lung and a bullet fragment that had lodged near his spine.
Phil Boudreault, Martin Bernatchez at funeral of Lionel Deschamps
A gunman approached Bernatchez after sneaking through a wooded area and spanning a creek in total darkness. Despite the serious injuries he sustained, Bernatchez is said to be "surprisingly well," said a source. The jacket with the colours of the Hells Angels Nomads that Bernatchez usually wears is bulletproof. It is not known if he was wearing it during the attack.
Marc BernatchezReportedly, the assassination attempts may be controlled internally within the group of bikers. "Members in good standing arrested during the operation SharQc came out of prison", said a source. "It may be that they want to regain control of territory and they take this means to get there."

In late June, the brother of Martin Bernatchez, Marc, also a member of the Hells Angels Nomads, was arrested in Granby as part of a major police operation against a drug trafficking network.