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Montreal mafia lawyer Loris Cavaliere linked to HA, street gangs - flashback 2016

It is July 2016.

Leonardo Rizzuto with Loris Cavaliere
The allegations are contained in an affidavit prepared to obtain search warrants last year in Projects Magot and Mastiff, two Sûreté du Québec-led investigations that produced the arrests of nearly 50 people on Nov. 19, including alleged Mafia leaders Leonardo Rizzuto, 47, and Stefano Sollecito, 48. HA Salvatore Cazzetta, 61, was charged in the investigation and the SQ arrested André (Frisé) Sauvageau, 60. He died in 2021.
André (Frisé) Sauvageau

Nicolo Rizzuto Sr. with his defence lawyer Loris Cavalière
When Louis Cavaliere was arrested in November, the SQ alleged his law offices on St. Laurent Blvd in Little Italy were used for multiple meetings between organized crime figures. But according to information contained in the affidavit, Cavaliere was also involved in drug-trafficking along with his clients.

Cavailiere was linked to Hasan Eroglu, a close friend of Lorenzo Giordano, who was known to police as the leader of the K-Crew, a group that specialized in selling heroin in Montreal. The K-Crew were involved in a conflict with the Hells Angels about a decade ago. Eroglu was fatally shot, on July 5, 2007. The homicide remains unsolved.
An informant who was being handled by two Montreal police detectives described a meeting between Cavaliere and Arsene 'Big Mouth' Mompoint, 42, a member of the Bo-Gars. Cavaliere, 62, was part of the roundup in November, but unlike many of the accused, he was granted a conditional release on Dec. 4. One of the conditions he agreed to prevents him from practising as a lawyer while his case is pending.

Montreal police say mafia, Hells Angels, and street gangs formed an alliance to control drug trade, and it all could not have happened without Loris Cavaliere. “All the crucial decisions were made in his office,” Sûreté du Québec Chief Inspector Patrick Bélanger said.
Loris Cavaliere was sentenced to 34 months after he pleaded guilty to gangsterism. He became the first lawyer in Quebec to plead guilty to the criminal charge of gangsterism. He was granted full parole after serving one third of his sentence in minimum security. Cavaliere's mobster clients were all acquitted after tapes made in the lawyer's office were tossed.
Now 68, former mafia lawyer Loris Cavaliere has not hit the news since.