Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Parrot accused of hurling obscenities

BRIGHTON—An Ontario man ran afoul of provincial police this week after spending a night at home with his pet parrot. Police say they received complaints about loud yelling and threats coming from a home and arrived on the scene expecting to find a domestic incident in progress.

Instead, police say they found the man alone in the home shouting at the bird. They say the man accused the parrot of “beaking off” at him. They say alcohol was a factor.
A parrot in Chandrapur, Maharashtra, was detained by police on Tuesday after an old woman filed a complaint against it for making obscene remarks at her. Janabai, who is in her 80s, filed the complaint with the police in Rajura city of Chandrapur District, saying the parrot had been tutored by its owner to shower abuses at her whenever she passed by his house. The parrot, named Hariyal, is owned by Janabai's stepson Suresh. A complaint was also registered against him.

The police had called the agitated woman, her son and the parrot to the police station to verify the complaint. However, the police said the parrot did not utter a word when his cage was brought near Janabai at the police station.