Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Regina gang member killed man because he was wearing a red shirt

Joshua Michael Harden
Joshua Michael Harden was wearing a red shirt when, while looking for his girlfriend, he wandered into a house party on Garnet Street.

The colour of his shirt was the motive for a violent attack that left him dead. Harden, a 26-year-old father, was not known to 23-year-old Skylar Blue Alexson, the man who inflicted the single stab wound to Harden’s back. Harden had inadvertently walked into a house party populated by members and associates of the Native Syndicate while wearing the colour associated with rival street gang, the Native Syndicate Killers. Instead of simply letting Harden leave, Alexson and several others followed him. Alexson delivered the stab wound that cut open Harden’s aorta.

Skylar Blue Alexson
Harden’s seven-year-old daughter touched on the sadness and anger she feels, while Harden’s mother, Theresa White, tearfully detailed the pain she’s had to endure since learning of her son’s death.

The court imposed a nine-year prison term in addition to the time Alexson spent on remand.