Tuesday, August 9, 2016

'Religious' Tard Dennis James Watson strikes again - Nuttall and Korody

Dennis James Watson with Maureen Smith
Dennis James Watson is and has been bending over backwards spewing about the hard done by terrorists Nuttall and Korody. Truth is the real heroes were the folks at the local Surrey mosque who alerted police when these pair of total losers showed up and said they were looking for AK-47s to 'do' jihad. Of course in Dennis James Watson's (good) book they deserve medals.

Maureen Smith, mother of John Nuttall, speaks with media outside B.C. Supreme Court with Dennis James Watson
Too simple fact here is this pair of mentally disturbed 'people', had they been supported by 'real' terrorists, would have gleefully killed as many people as they possibly could. There might have been real bombs and real dead men, women and children for Dennis James Watson to crow gleefully about.
Dennis James Watson