Tuesday, September 27, 2016

5 arrested, weapons seized in Fort McMurray outlaw biker investigation

Police have arrested five people and seized numerous weapons in a Fort McMurray outlaw biker investigation. Police say their investigation began in late August after conflicts between the Warlocks and The Syndicate, a Hells Angels support club. Conflict boiled over in late August.

Officers raided three vehicles and a home alleged to be the clubhouse of the Warlocks last week. They say officers seized gang paraphernalia, prohibited weapons including brass knuckles and 16 guns.
Five members of the Warlocks were arrested and face numerous charges including committing an indictable offence for a criminal organization, robbery and possession of a prohibited weapon. Jordan Norman, 31; Jeremy Smith, 30; Justin Swyer, 33; Randolph Carpentier, 55; and Shawn Brett, 27, are being held in custody with their bail denied.

The Warlocks have been operating in Fort McMurray since 2010 and are one of two chapters in Canada for the Florida-based club. The chapter used to operate out of Drayton Valley, Alta. The Syndicate is a support club of the Hells Angels and has been in Fort McMurray since 2009. Officials believe there are approximately two dozen Hells Angels support clubs across Alberta. There are five international biker gangs with chapters in the province, including the Warlocks, the rebels, the loners and the Bandidos.