Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Asian Lady Unloads Clip at Three Home Invaders, Kills One

Three armed home invaders quickly realized that they chose the wrong house to break into after its owner, an armed Asian woman, began firing at them, killing one in an instant.

The suspects allegedly entered the woman’s home at Spring Drive NW in Gwinnett County, before 4 a.m. One of the suspects kicked the house’s door open, waking up the homeowner. The woman immediately went outside her room with her handgun, and started blasting away at the three intruders who entered her door.
28 year-old Antonio Leeks, was killed immediately after catching a bullet in the torso. The other two intruders fired shots as they escaped. The homeowner who dropped the suspect will not be charged of any crime. “Homeowners, they’re in their home, they don’t have the duty to retreat to the closet to the kitchen out the backdoor it’s their home and they have the right to protect it,” Law Enforcement analyst Vincent Hill explained.

“You can’t say there is an imminent threat if someone is in your front yard or at your mailbox,” Hill said. “Once they are inside that threshold, once they are inside that door there’s the threat.