Friday, September 2, 2016

Marco Pizzi survives failed Montreal mafia hit

On August 3 it was reported that alleged Montreal mafioso Marco Pizzi was seemingly the target of a failed mafia hit.

According to the report, Marco Pizzi was followed by masked and armed hitmen in a stolen car that collided with him at an intersection in Montreal in an attempt to get Pizzi out of his car. As he exited his car the hitmen drew their weapons but Pizzi was able to flee on foot escaping without any shots being fired. The masked suspects also fled leaving police with only a minimal description.

The leadership table is believed to be out of control after the arrests of alleged mob bosses Leonardo Rizzuto and Stefano Sollecito and the murders of influential leaders Lorenzo Giordano in March and Rocco Sollecito in May. The old guard of the Rizzuto family and those close to it are being pushed out by a new faction. It remains a mystery as to who exactly are behind these attacks and who will take control of the mafia in Montreal.
Pizzi is a suspected cocaine importer with close ties to the Rizzuto crime family. Pizzi was arrested in May along with other members of the Montreal mafia as part of an extensive drug operation by the RCMP. He was accused of gangsterism, cocaine importation, and conspiracy to traffic cocaine. Also arrested among others was co-defendant Liborio “Pancho” Cuntrera the son of deceased Rizzuto family leader Agostino Cuntrera. Pancho Cuntrera was considered to be part of the Montreal mafia leadership table that took control of the Rizzuto family after the death of Vito Rizzuto.Liborio “Pancho” Cuntrera
Pizze had close ties to Montreal mobster Tonino Callocchia a Rizzuto family ally who was murdered in 2014.

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