Monday, September 12, 2016

Terrace Mountie pleads guilty to assault of teenager

RCMP Const. Bruce Lofroth has pleaded guilty to assaulting a young man during an arrest in 2014.

The Terrace RCMP officer was charged after video of the violent arrest was obtained by local newspaper, and posted online. He will be sentenced in October. In the video — filmed in May 2014 — a teenager can be seen lying on the ground while being punched in the head by the RCMP officer. Later, the young man is pushed into a police vehicle.

The youth had been charged with assaulting Lofroth but those charges were later dropped.
RCMP Cst. Brian Heideman admitted he 'lost' a bag of cocaine, a crucial part of a separate drug investigation, and used steroids on the job. He was never charged and eventually (3 years later) was docked two days pay .In March it was announced that Robert Wright, 51 who was suing the Terrace RCMP for a violent jail cell take down in 2012 that left him with permanent brain damage, had reached an undisclosed out-of-court settlement with the force. He now requires full-time care.
RCMP Cst. Brian Heideman threw Robert Wright to the ground.