Monday, October 31, 2016

Streit Group - Armoured Cars for Gangsters

Streit 'typhoon' armoured personnel carrier
A Canadian company criticized heavily by the UN for selling armored patrol vehicles in war-torn African nations has had controversial clients closer to home. The heavily promoted, rising star in the export market counts Canadian gangsters as their clients.

The Innisfil, Ontario company was responsible for adding armoured plates to a BMW 745i, leased to the Bacon brothers.

The bullet-proof glass in the seized car was nearly four centimetres thick.
The BMW 745i, which weighs more than a one-ton truck, was found abandoned in February  2009. The car was leased to the Bacon brothers by Four Star Auto Lease in Coquitlam.

Police later seized several other armoured luxury vehicles leased to the brothers.

Jamie, Jonathan and Jarrod Bacon
In late 2006 Streit sold two armoured SUVs — a Nissan Armada and a Toyota 4Runner — to an associate of the Rizzuto family. The records were filed as part of the case against Francesco Del Balso

An ex-employee said the company has done little business in Canada over the last few years, with the exception of modifying luxury vehicles with bulletproof glass and armoured plates in a process known as "up-armouring."

Francesco (Chit) Del Balso

Sunday, October 30, 2016

104kg Meth bust in Utah involves Canadians, Sinaloa drug cartel

On October 10, Utah Highway Patrol troopers acting on a tip made what is believed to be the biggest methamphetamine bust in that state's history. Troopers seized more than 230 pounds of meth after a traffic stop near Springville. Investigators found boxes and suitcases filled with meth, in addition to steroids and $66,000 in cash.

Brennan Carter Tutt, 24, of Airdrie, Kyle Carlson Taylor, 19, of Calgary and Caicedo Ramirez Santiago, 20, of Calgary were charged in U.S. District Court with meth possession with intent to distribute.

Brennan Carter Tutt

Kyle Carlson Taylor
Taylor was the driver of the vehicle. The duffel bag with the money belonged to Tutt. All denied knowledge of the drugs or the money. The charges carry a mandatory minimum 10-year prison sentence.

The wholesale value of the meth is estimated between $400 and $800 per ounce, making the 236 pounds that was seized worth between $1.5 million and $3 million. That would make the street value of the bust something between $7.5 million and $15 million. (USD)

The Sinaloa Cartel is often described as the largest and most powerful drug trafficking organization in the Western Hemisphere.
Caicedo Ramirez Santiago
The cartel's operations in foreign countries, and even within Mexico, are often outsourced to local partners.Joaquin El Chapo Loera, "El Chapo," is the infamous leader of the Sinaloa drug cartel.

Police seize MAC-11 subcompact machine gun from accused murderer

Justin Sandquist, 26, is charged with first-degree murder in connection with the stabbing death of Aaron Cote at a south Edmonton Travelodge nearly three years ago. Sandquist was let out on bail.

Now police say they found a MAC-11 subcompact machine gun in his Red Deer home in a series of drug raids two weeks ago. They were going after an organized ring of drug traffickers in Red Deer and Sylvan Lake.

The MAC-11 fires a 9mm round and is capable of emptying the entire 32-round magazine in less than two seconds
Police also seized two SKS rifles, two shotguns, a stolen sawed-off rifle, a loaded handgun and body armour. Investigators also seized 68 grams of cocaine, various pills, buffing agents and other drug-trafficking paraphernalia.

A total of 38 drug and firearms charges were laid against Sandquist; Robyn Lehner, 32; Darcey Perry, 24; Kyle Schellenberger, 27; Kayla Simms, 20; and Walter Cameron, 45. Sandquist is from the Edmonton area but has ties to Grande Prairie and High Prairie.

Sandquist’s release on bail baffled an Edmonton homicide detective, who in 2014 said the killing of which Sandquist was accused was "coldblooded".

Hells Angels Richard "Bob" Hudon and three others granted stay of proceedings

Richard "Bob" Hudon, one of the founding members of the Hells Angels in Quebec and three other suspected traffickers were granted a stay of proceedings.

Hudon, Simon Harvey, Oscar Lessard and Christian Roberge had been arrested five years ago as part of Operation Vulture and had even pleaded guilty a year ago to the narcotics trafficking charges they faced. The lawyers of the four men sought a stay of proceedings after learning that an informant had lied to police. The informer was fired by the Sûreté du Québec (SQ). "In other words, the prosecutor offered the court a tainted witness he knew not credible, with serious reliability problems and disavowed by the SQ," defense lawyers stated in their motion.
Justice François Huot ordered a stay of proceedings on Friday afternoon. After more than 60 months of proceedings, he said it was based on judicial delays. This is the second time that the Crown and police have failed to convict Richard Hudon. His arrest as part of Operation Vulture occurred just months after he obtained a stay of proceedings from the SharQc operation. One by one, the judge brought the three accused before him who were not detained to tell them they were free of all charges. Hudon, who has been in jail since his arrest in November 2011, remained in the dock in handcuffs to hear the decision.

"I welcome your request, I order your immediate release, you are a free man," solemnly announced the judge.

Saturday, October 29, 2016

RCMP: 'Fighting back against the 856'

In April the RCMP released a story about 856 gang activity in Yellowknife. The gang first attracted police action in late 2013 with project 'Goblin' which resulted in the seizure of large quantities of cocaine, cash and several firearms; 10 members and associates of the 856 gang were charged.

At one point over nine per cent of inmates at the North Slave Correctional Centre were 856 gang members
Project 'Monarch' in the spring of 2014 saw charges against 12 individuals for selling drugs on behalf of the 856 gang. Firearms, cash, cocaine, MDMA and heroin were seized.

The 856 gang was back again weeks later with a whole new crew.

Joshua Luke Petten brought a loaded handgun into two downtown Yellowknife bars
In August 2014, the group was again targeted in project 'Gloom' resulting in another five arrests.

The gang retrenched and soon sent another crew to sell cocaine and collect drug debts left behind by the previous gang members. In April 2015 a drive-by shooting and "wild police chase" occurred through the streets of Yellowknife. Two 856 gang members were arrested for attempting to murder one of their own.

Another 23 gangsters were charged in July 2015.

Friday, October 28, 2016

Hells Angels officially established in New Brunswick

The newest Canadian chapter of the Hells Angels is based half an hour from the Quebec border in Sainte-Anne-de-Madawaska.

The clubhouse of the new chapter, located in the small community of just over 1,000, appears to be an old farm building.

Emery "Pit" Martin
Emery "Pit" Martin succeeded recruiting enough members (6 full patch required) with the help of former members of the Quebec City chapter, which is currently still inactive.

The mayor of Sainte-Anne-de-Madawaskathere, Roger Levesque is resigned. "There is not much we can do. I have already spoken with the RCMP on it and we can not prevent them from establishing themselves here"

Police expect a bang on the 39th anniversary of the Montreal Chapter, which could be highlighted with a big party at the beginning of December. They believe the club could take the opportunity to announce the reopening of two inactive chapters, Quebec City and Sherbrooke. In response to the resurgence of the Hells Angels in Quebec, police will see their ranks increased 30% with eight mixed regional squads (ERM) dedicated to anti-biker investigations.
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Thursday, October 27, 2016

The 856 Gang

The 856 gang – named for a telephone prefix in the Aldergrove area – was once mentored by Hells Angel Bob Green, sources say, from a band of street punks into a dial-a-dope network that reaches as far east as Ontario.

856 gang member Jason Wallace has been charged with Green’s death, suggesting Wallace turned on his former ally. The 856 gang began in and around Langley schools, including DW Poppy Secondary. Boys joined an older man, 49-year-old Leonard Pelletier, who was described years ago by police as a Hells Angels associate.

Leonard Pelletier
Lindsey Houghton of B.C.’s anti-gang squad says “They tattoo the numbers 8,5,6 inside their bottom lip. They get the tattoo '8' when they’re initiated into the gang and start dealing drugs. Then they get the 'five' when they’re in control of the local network of dial-a-dopers, and they get the final 'six' when they control a whole territory or community.” The group took over street level drug distribution networks all over B.C., the Yukon, Alberta, and as far east as Thunder Bay. In July 2014, Wallace and Pelletier were arrested and B.C.’s gang unit shut down a drug making facility in the 4600-block of 236 Street. The CFSEU seized $400k worth of cocaine, meth, heroin and oxycontin.
The dismembered body was dropped off on Robertson Crescent and 240 Street – just blocks away from that address. The gang life means you are always looking over your shoulder and never know who you can trust. “It’s not necessarily the enemies you need to worry about, it’s your friends”
856 Gang “buff” - a cutting agent. The buff seized was phenacetin, a carcinogenic chemical used to deworm pigs.

Hells Angels White Rock prospect Mohammed Rafiq shot - Update

The victim of a shooting early Wednesday in Burnaby, Mohammed Rafiq, 44 is a prospect with the Hells Angels White Rock chapter.

Rafiq was shot in his car in front of his house in the 6000-block of Broadway Avenue around 1 a.m.
The shooting caused Rafiq to smash into a neighbour’s house, narrowly missing a 21 year old woman sleeping inside.

Rafiq was pulled from his vehicle and taken to hospital with serious but not life-threatening injuries. Mohammed 'Joey' Rafiq has a very, VERY extensive criminal record in British Columbia. Charges include extortion, kidnapping, break and enter, assault, assault causing bodily harm, assault with a weapon, uttering threats, among many others.

21764 61st Avenue, Langley, B.C.

Edmonton police lay first manslaughter charge in a fentanyl overdose death

Jordan Yarmey
A first-of-its kind manslaughter charge in connection to a fatal fentanyl overdose has been laid by Edmonton police. Homicide detectives charged Jordan Yarmey, 25, with manslaughter in connection to the death of Szymon Kalich, 33.

Kalich was found dead in a hallway of an apartment building on January 27. Following autopsy and toxicology testing, it was determined that he died of a fentanyl overdose.

Szymon Kalich
If police can prove the dealer knew they were trafficking a controlled substance – in this case it was fentanyl – and a reasonable person at the time knew that the controlled substance was likely to cause bodily harm, and the controlled substance caused death, this satisfies the elements of a criminal manslaughter charge.

In the first six months of 2016, 43 people died of fentanyl linked overdoses in Edmonton, out of a total 153 deaths across the province. Alberta Health said the number of overdose deaths has risen dramatically.

Gwynevere Staddon, 16, died of a suspected fentanyl overdose on Aug. 7.
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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Body parts in Langley linked to gang activity

Police investigating dismembered body parts found in a remote Langley area say the man's death was targeted and linked to gang activity. The remains were found in the area of Robertson Crescent and 243 Street shortly after 7 a.m. Wednesday.

Police said it was clear the deceased was male and had been the victim of foul play.
Last week police were called to investigate another murder in Langley with ties to organized crime. Hells Angels member Robert Keith Green was found mortally wounded in the 23700-block of 72nd Avenue on the morning of Oct. 16. Police say they can’t confirm if this killing is related to the murder of Bob Green. Police charged 27-year-old Jason Francis Wallace, a member of the 856 gang, with Green's murder.

Investigators ask anyone with information on either case to contact them at 1-877-551-4448 (IHIT) or by email at
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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Hells Angels Kelowna clubhouse taped off by Police

RCMP moved in on the home at the corner of Ellis Street and Roanoke Avenue just after noon on Tuesday. The police activity is part of a stolen property investigation with officers seizing a camper trailer with Alberta plates.

There were four people inside the house at the time, including three full-patch members. A woman was taken into custody.
We reported on increased activity at the clubhouse in June. The clubhouse is part of a civil forfeiture battle between the Hells Angels and the B.C. government. The bikers are allowed to use it through the court proceedings.

Kelowna clubhouse is at 837 Ellis St.
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Disappearance could be linked to Rizzutto Family

Steven Constantinou, 22, left his home in LaSalle on October 8 saying he would be back for dinner. He has not been seen nor heard from since.

Constantinou is accused in a case of possession of a weapon dating to 2013. His preliminary hearing was to take place today. He is represented by the office of the inactive mob lawyer Loris Cavaliere.
Constantinou worked for Giuseppe 'Closure' Colapelle, a very active drug importer for the Rizzutto family. Giuseppe Colapelle was murdered in his car, which was parked outside a known Mafia hangout in Montreal's north end in 2012.

Constantinou accompanied the brother of Giuseppe Colapelle, Carlo, when he was arrested at the Canada-US border in May 2014.