Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Aygün Mucuk funeral draws 1200

Several hundred police were relaxed as a mass of media recorded the event. The word "enemy" is vague. There has always been a large gap between the German Hells Angels, and the Turkish Giessen Charter whose President was Aygün Mucuk.

There are struggles within subgroups, some of which are seeking power within the Hells Angels. Some were once Mucuks followers. Somewhere in this environment are those who are responsible for his death.

Necati "Neco" Arabaci
Similar to a state funeral, guests came from Italy, Ukraine, Switzerland and many other countries. Members of the Nomads Turkey were wearing black armbands, another expression of inner conflict. Some wreaths are delivered. Necati "Neco" Arabaci, the godfather to the Turkish flow within the Hells Angels is wanted on a European arrest warrant.

The boxing club "Ottomans", once considered strong supporters of Mucuk, comes with a small delegation of about 20. The Hells Angels Giessen Charter, Mucuks home club, is hardly present and not in a prominent place. After about an hour the funeral is over but tensions remain.
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