Sunday, October 9, 2016

Aygün Mucuk, President of Germany Hells Angels murdered - Update

The German-Turkish Hells Angels conflict has reached a new level with the President of the Turkish HAMC, Aygün Mucuk found dead in the clubhouse. Mucuk was one of the most important and influential confidants of Necati Neco Arabaci, the powerful president of the Turkish Hells Angels. "It threatens a severe retribution of Nomads Turkey, and possibly with the support of the Ottomans Boxklub Germania" says an insider. Osmanen Germania—the Germania Ottomans are Germany's most aggressive, rapidly expanding gang.

Senior members of the German Hells Angels group expect Frank Hanebuth - the President of the Hanover charter - to move against Arabaci.
Frank HanebuthThe ceasefire between the Hells Angels factions has ended with the murder. The head of the Turkish Rocker, Neco Arabaci will respond. It is expected that the Ottomans Germania Boxklub will adopt a clear position. In social media the club already has: "This news has hit our family this morning ... hard. Ottomans Germania is with you [Mucuk] and with your family."
Aygün Mucuk Authorities say the president of a German chapter of the Hells Angels has been shot and killed in his biker gang’s clubhouse. Prosecutors said Aygun Mucuk was found dead from multiple gunshot wounds Friday morning by the Giessen clubhouse’s cleaning lady.

Authorities have no immediate suspects and have secured the clubhouse, used by some 30-50 members, as part of their investigation.
There had been a rivalry between the Giessen Hells Angels, whose membership is largely of Turkish origin, and the long-established Hells Angels chapter in nearby Frankfurt. Mucuk had been wounded by gunshots two years ago when the rivalry led to a clash outside a Frankfurt club.
Clashes and gun violence among biker gangs has been recorded this year in Heidenheim in Baden-Württemberg, Hamburg and Leipzig. Police estimate that around 700 people are members of one of the four different biker gangs in the western German state.