Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Disappearance could be linked to Rizzutto Family

Steven Constantinou, 22, left his home in LaSalle on October 8 saying he would be back for dinner. He has not been seen nor heard from since.

Constantinou is accused in a case of possession of a weapon dating to 2013. His preliminary hearing was to take place today. He is represented by the office of the inactive mob lawyer Loris Cavaliere.
Constantinou worked for Giuseppe 'Closure' Colapelle, a very active drug importer for the Rizzutto family. Giuseppe Colapelle was murdered in his car, which was parked outside a known Mafia hangout in Montreal's north end in 2012.

Constantinou accompanied the brother of Giuseppe Colapelle, Carlo, when he was arrested at the Canada-US border in May 2014.