Sunday, October 9, 2016

Hells Angels Expanding in Ottawa

The Hells Angels are expanding its presence in the national capital region with the help of the Red Devils.

According to police, the Red Devils biker gang now has three branches here — one in Ottawa and two in Gatineau — and members are actively recruiting throughout the region, drafting newcomers from local biker gang Dark Souls.
The Ottawa North and Ottawa East sections of the Red Devils are based in Gatineau, and the third section is based in Ottawa. Police say that in its role as a sort of "farm team" for Hells Angels, the Red Devils do the dirty work in the region — dealing drugs, prostitution, and extortion — funneling money up to the Angels.

"It's the motive of every Red Devils member to become a member of the Hells Angels," said Isnor.

Phillip Boudreault (left) and Martin Bernatchez
The abrupt shut-down of the elite Nomads chapter outside Ottawa is reputed to involve a reorganization of territory as Quebec Hells Angels leave prison and seek to re-establish their dominance of the Quebec drug trade.

The Hells Angels have about 175 Ontario members and 450 members across Canada. About 60 of them are in custody or are restricted from associating with outlaw bikers because of bail or parole conditions. The status of former Ontario Nomads is unclear as none of them has appeared as members of existing charters of the Hells Angels, yet.

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