Sunday, October 30, 2016

Police seize MAC-11 subcompact machine gun from accused murderer

Justin Sandquist, 26, is charged with first-degree murder in connection with the stabbing death of Aaron Cote at a south Edmonton Travelodge nearly three years ago. Sandquist was let out on bail.

Now police say they found a MAC-11 subcompact machine gun in his Red Deer home in a series of drug raids two weeks ago. They were going after an organized ring of drug traffickers in Red Deer and Sylvan Lake.

The MAC-11 fires a 9mm round and is capable of emptying the entire 32-round magazine in less than two seconds
Police also seized two SKS rifles, two shotguns, a stolen sawed-off rifle, a loaded handgun and body armour. Investigators also seized 68 grams of cocaine, various pills, buffing agents and other drug-trafficking paraphernalia.

A total of 38 drug and firearms charges were laid against Sandquist; Robyn Lehner, 32; Darcey Perry, 24; Kyle Schellenberger, 27; Kayla Simms, 20; and Walter Cameron, 45. Sandquist is from the Edmonton area but has ties to Grande Prairie and High Prairie.

Sandquist’s release on bail baffled an Edmonton homicide detective, who in 2014 said the killing of which Sandquist was accused was "coldblooded".