Saturday, October 29, 2016

RCMP: 'Fighting back against the 856'

In April the RCMP released a story about 856 gang activity in Yellowknife. The gang first attracted police action in late 2013 with project 'Goblin' which resulted in the seizure of large quantities of cocaine, cash and several firearms; 10 members and associates of the 856 gang were charged.

At one point over nine per cent of inmates at the North Slave Correctional Centre were 856 gang members
Project 'Monarch' in the spring of 2014 saw charges against 12 individuals for selling drugs on behalf of the 856 gang. Firearms, cash, cocaine, MDMA and heroin were seized.

The 856 gang was back again weeks later with a whole new crew.

Joshua Luke Petten brought a loaded handgun into two downtown Yellowknife bars
In August 2014, the group was again targeted in project 'Gloom' resulting in another five arrests.

The gang retrenched and soon sent another crew to sell cocaine and collect drug debts left behind by the previous gang members. In April 2015 a drive-by shooting and "wild police chase" occurred through the streets of Yellowknife. Two 856 gang members were arrested for attempting to murder one of their own.

Another 23 gangsters were charged in July 2015.