Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Senior Hells Angels Bob Green murdered in Langley - Update

Jason Francis Wallace has a long and violent history in B.C.An arrest has been made in the killing of Hells Angel Bob Green Sunday in Langley. 27-year-old Jason Francis Wallace is charged with second degree murder. Wallace is a member of the 856 Gang. He was arrested with Langley resident Leonard Pelletier, 49 in 2014. Pelletier is a cousin of Green.
A senior member of the B.C. Hells Angels, Bob Green, has been murdered in Langley. Green, 56, was the victim of a suspicious death Sunday. Green was a member of the elite Nomads chapter of the Hells Angels.

He lived in North Burnaby in a house assessed at $1.3 million. Green became a full-patch Hells Angel in the mid-1990s, after being a member of the East Enders. He was then patched into the East End chapter. In the late ‘90s, he split off with several others to form the Nomads chapter.

Hells Angels Nomad clubhouse in Burnaby on 3910 Grant Street. It sold it for $2,175,000
One of Green’s companies opened the Nomads clubhouse in Burnaby, but sold it in early 2014 after the B.C. government filed a civil forfeiture suit against three other Hells Angels clubhouses.

Corporate records listed the Grant Street directors as Francesco (Frank) Amoretto, Bob Green and Gino Zumpano – all well-known members of the Nomads.