Saturday, October 15, 2016

SQ carry out arrests, search warrants related to drug trafficking network

The Sûreté du Québec, said roughly 120 police officers were involved in carrying out a series of arrests and search warrants. They are part of an investigation dubbed Operation Navire.

The investigation involved members of the SQ, RCMP, Trois-Rivières police and investigators with the Canada Revenue Agency. Regional integrated squads in Quebec normally focus their attention on biker gangs in the province. “The (investigation) allowed the dismantling of a criminal organization that was trafficking in illicit substances like cocaine, methamphetamine, hashish and marijuana in Shawinigan and in Montreal. This organization supplied different cells based in Quebec, Ontario and New Brunswick,” police said.
Thursday, police reported 12 arrests, including that of Edgar Pitre, 69, of Montreal. The alleged mastermind of the organization, André Lacombe Jr., 48, of Shawinigan is wanted. Authorities believe he is outside of Canada.

To date, nearly 400 kg of hashish, 13 kg of cannabis, 750 grams of cocaine, 200 tablets of methamphetamine, $ 175,000, two cars and a cell phone were seized.

André Lacombe Jr.