Monday, October 31, 2016

Streit Group - Armoured Cars for Gangsters

Streit 'typhoon' armoured personnel carrier
A Canadian company criticized heavily by the UN for selling armored patrol vehicles in war-torn African nations has had controversial clients closer to home. The heavily promoted, rising star in the export market counts Canadian gangsters as their clients.

The Innisfil, Ontario company was responsible for adding armoured plates to a BMW 745i, leased to the Bacon brothers.

The bullet-proof glass in the seized car was nearly four centimetres thick.
The BMW 745i, which weighs more than a one-ton truck, was found abandoned in February  2009. The car was leased to the Bacon brothers by Four Star Auto Lease in Coquitlam.

Police later seized several other armoured luxury vehicles leased to the brothers.

Jamie, Jonathan and Jarrod Bacon
In late 2006 Streit sold two armoured SUVs — a Nissan Armada and a Toyota 4Runner — to an associate of the Rizzuto family. The records were filed as part of the case against Francesco Del Balso

An ex-employee said the company has done little business in Canada over the last few years, with the exception of modifying luxury vehicles with bulletproof glass and armoured plates in a process known as "up-armouring."

Francesco (Chit) Del Balso