Thursday, October 27, 2016

The 856 Gang

The 856 gang – named for a telephone prefix in the Aldergrove area – was once mentored by Hells Angel Bob Green, sources say, from a band of street punks into a dial-a-dope network that reaches as far east as Ontario.

856 gang member Jason Wallace has been charged with Green’s death, suggesting Wallace turned on his former ally. The 856 gang began in and around Langley schools, including DW Poppy Secondary. Boys joined an older man, 49-year-old Leonard Pelletier, who was described years ago by police as a Hells Angels associate.

Leonard Pelletier
Lindsey Houghton of B.C.’s anti-gang squad says “They tattoo the numbers 8,5,6 inside their bottom lip. They get the tattoo '8' when they’re initiated into the gang and start dealing drugs. Then they get the 'five' when they’re in control of the local network of dial-a-dopers, and they get the final 'six' when they control a whole territory or community.” The group took over street level drug distribution networks all over B.C., the Yukon, Alberta, and as far east as Thunder Bay. In July 2014, Wallace and Pelletier were arrested and B.C.’s gang unit shut down a drug making facility in the 4600-block of 236 Street. The CFSEU seized $400k worth of cocaine, meth, heroin and oxycontin.
The dismembered body was dropped off on Robertson Crescent and 240 Street – just blocks away from that address. The gang life means you are always looking over your shoulder and never know who you can trust. “It’s not necessarily the enemies you need to worry about, it’s your friends”
856 Gang “buff” - a cutting agent. The buff seized was phenacetin, a carcinogenic chemical used to deworm pigs.