Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Conor D’Monte still a fugitive

Conor D’Monte has been a fugitive on the run from justice for five-and-a-half years. D’Monte, a former leader of the UN gang, is wanted on a Canada wide warrant in connection with the murder of rival Red Scorpions gangster Kevin LeClair. He’s also wanted on conspiracy to murder.
LeClair was ambushed in a parking lot in front of a crowded grocery store in Langley’s Walnut Grove area.
D’Monte was last seen in the Vancouver area in January, 2011. On April 1 of that year, he signed over his $1.6 million dollar home to his wife, Jennifer Kong.

In July 2011, a suspicious fire broke out at the home on Pandora Street in Burnaby.

Two years ago, D’Monte’s co-conspirator Corry Vallee was found in Guadalajara and transported back to B.C.
Police say he has been known to travel to Mexico where he is believed to have ties to a Mexican drug network. Conor D’Monte is also on Interpol’s most-wanted list. He is considered armed and extremely dangerous.

UN gang members conspired to kill the Bacon brothers and their associates leading to an all-out gang war in B.C. The violence culminated with brazen public executions, shootings and retaliations. The UN gang no longer has the same presence but they're still active.