Sunday, November 13, 2016

Erin Jade Maranan made illegal police database searches - two dead

Former Toronto police civilian employee Erin Jade Maranan, 28, faces 24 criminal charges. It is alleged she searched police databases for information on two people who were, months later, murdered — gunned down in separate shootings.

Police allege Maranan, who had three years’ of service with Toronto police, made a slew of illegal database searches between February 2014 and June 2015. Her charges solely relate to allegedly accessing information without authorization. She is not charged in connection to either homicide. In February 2015, Maranan searched for information on Ly Duy Nguyen and Victor Oliveira — two men who were gunned down in separate shootings seven months later.
Victor Oliveira
Duy Ly Nguyen was gunned down in a brazen midday execution at a Vancouver shopping mall in September 2015. He had only recently arrived in B.C. days earlier from Ontario, and is believed to have had ties to the Chin Pac gang. He was shot in 2012 by a member of the rival Asian Assassinz.

No arrests have been made in either homicide.
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