Saturday, November 5, 2016

Former Boss of the Rock Machine paroled

Frédéric Faucher, former warlord of the Rock Machine MC has been paroled to a halfway house after 15 years in penitentiary.

According to parole documents he intends to become "a law-abiding citizen." He claims he has had no association with bikers since 2005. Police however have an eye on him since they still consider him "a subject of interest" in organized crime. They have identified a possible link to the Hells Angels chapter in Trois-Rivières according to the Parole Board of Canada.

His brother Jean Judes Faucher is one of several former members of the Rock Machine who have been welcomed into the Hells Angels, along with the influential Salvatore Cazzetta, Gilles Lambert and Andrew "Curly" Sauvageau.
Gerald Gallant
During the biker war between his gang and the Hells Angels, Faucher ordered six murders using killer Gerald Gallant. Besides his drug trafficking network, "Fred" Faucher also planned bomb attacks, including one that struck the former Hells Angels bunker in Saint-Nicolas in November 1996.

It was Faucher who negotiated a truce in the biker war at a secret meeting held at the Quebec City courthouse in late 2000 with Maurice "Mom" Boucher.