Wednesday, October 18, 2023

Hells Angels have dethroned Montreal Mafia - flashback

This was posted in October 2016.
For over 30 years the Rizzuto clan ruled the roost of organized crime in Quebec in partnership with the Hells Angels and street gangs. Now even they are paying taxes for the right to operate. Such an outcome would have been unimaginable for Vito Rizzuto, who ruled with an iron hand while at the top of the pyramid in Quebec. The natural death of Rizzuto in December 2013 torpedoed the Sicilian Clan and marked the beginning of the end. Project Mastiff-Magot was another heavy blow that weakened and disorganized the mob, which has given way to the surging Hells Angels.
Multiple sources say organized crime in Quebec is currently controlled by the Hells Angels, who have established a 'superstructure' guided by 'committee decisions' that put them at the very top of the pyramid. Reportedly Mario Brouillette, Robert Martin, and brothers Sylvain and François Vachon are on the committee, which uses lieutenants in each region to control puppet clubs for the 'big gang'. It is estimated over 80% of the Province of Quebec is under their direct control.

Robert Martin
The Hells Angels have taken over former mafia territory and have made inroads into New Brunswick and Ontario. While the Hells Angels ascend, the Montreal Mafia has had no real leadership since the Magot Mastiff-operation and the consecutive murders of three prominent members of the Rizzuto clan in 2016. The end of the reign of the Sicilians seems complete. While the alliance has ended, there is no animosity between bikers and the remaining Sicilian mafiosi. It is unclear if this will remain so if the 'Ndrangheta' re-establishes dominance in Montreal.