Sunday, November 20, 2016

HST = 'Hells Sales Tax'

Ontario Nomads Phil Boudreault (left) and Martin Bernatchez refused to pay the HST. Boudreault was shot in April, Bernatchez in August.
Having regained virtual total control over the drug market in Quebec, the Hells Angels are ruthless towards those who do business without paying the "sales tax", even their brothers. Reportedly it's a 10% tax imposed weekly by the bikers.

Buoyed by the end of SharQc and the release of most of its members, the Quebec Hells Angels are again the most powerful gang in the drug trade. Phil Boudreault, a former Olympic boxer who was vice president of the Ontario Nomads, is still confined to a wheelchair. Martin Bernatchez, president of the chapter, survived three bullets. The Nomads chapter, founded 15 years ago, was unwound in September.
When trafficking networks are not directed by the Hells Angels, they systematically receive 10% of the revenue of other groups operating in what they consider 'their' territory. "You are allowed to sell only if you pay tax" say investigators. "Even the Italian mafia, destabilized by police operations and internal conflicts, pay them their cut"

Police say the wholesale price of a kilo of cocaine in Montreal is $ 50,000, the same price that was set by the Mafia and the Hells Angels a decade ago. Price in the UK is said to be $77,000. It is said a kilo of cocaine sells for less than $1500 in Colombia.