Saturday, November 5, 2016

Mob Construction Cos to participate in 'voluntary redemption program'

While Domenico Arcuri is hiding out from a murder contract on his head, his former partners in DAMC Inc. and Paving CSF Inc. want to show their goodwill and repay the money they diverted from public contracts. The former engineer of the City of Montreal, Gilles Suprenant, has admitted to receiving bribes at six meetings of the two companies. The construction firms received, between them, hundreds of millions of dollars in contracts from municipal governments.

Until 2012, the companies were run by Domenico Arcuri, a former high ranking mafia player, and once very close to boss Raynald Desjardins. Most believe that Arcuri and his brother Antonino worked with Sal 'the ironworker' Montagna in his attempt to kill Desjardins.

Nicolo Rizzuto Sr., stuffs cash into his sock while construction boss Accursio (Alex) Sciascia watches in RCMP surveillance footage.
In September 2012, three cars parked outside the building of DAMC were torched. DAMC & Paving CSF are still owned and controlled by the same shareholders. Among them is Domenico Miceli, 47, who was charged with extortion and conspiracy to commit extortion between April 12, 2012, and May 11, 2016.

Justice François Rolland leads the negotiations with the participating companies, who will have to pay the sums involved, plus interest, plus 10% to finance the costs of the program.
An August 12 fire at the office of Paving CSF Inc. and DAMC, both are partly owned by Domenico Miceli

Rocco Sollecito (murdered in May) was in charge of dealing with construction cash.
An analysis of 227 contracts of water mains, sewers and roads awarded in 2005 by the City of Montreal found that four companies, or groups, had taken over 56% of the value of contracts for over $ 50m.

The Charbonneau commission inquiry found the stacks of money being stuffed into the Mob's socks came from players in an industry where costs were ramped up by as much as 30 per cent because of the "tax" imposed by the Mafia. The tax is described as a way to get protection, to buy peace or gain the influence of certain individuals.

Nicolo Milioto has repeatedly denied much testimony that he was responsible for collecting a 2.5 per cent "tax" payable to the Mob from any Montreal-area construction entrepreneurs who won city contracts.

Accused middleman 'Mr. Sidewalk' Nicolo Milioto
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