Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Montreal Mob defence lawyer pleads guilty to obstruction of justice

Gerardo Nicolo, 48, pleaded guilty in October to obstructing justice by attempting to persuade an undercover RCMP officer to leak information to members of a Mafia clan — Giuseppe De Vito, and one his associates, Nicola Di Marco. The guilty plea came eight years after Rizzuto associate Nicolo was charged in an investigation that did not initially target him.

In 2007, while the RCMP were looking for De Vito, allegations surfaced that some investigators were working for him. His associate, Angleo Cecere, a civilian employee who translated wiretaps for the RCMP was arrested for leaking documents to Nicola Di Marco. In March 2013, Cecere was sentenced to a one-year prison term.
Angleo Cecere
Giuseppe De Vito In November 2008 Gerardo Nicolo was arrested for trying to “bribe a peace officer by offering money in exchange for information that could obstruct or defeat the course of justice."

Giuseppe De Vito was the leader of a Mafia clan. In 2012, De Vito was sentenced to a 15-year prison term for his role in a failed attempt to smuggle 218 kilograms of cocaine through Trudeau airport. On July 8, 2013, he died of cyanide poisoning inside a federal penitentiary near Quebec City.

On May 5, 2011, Nicola Di Marco headed to the Montreal courthouse certain he was destined to end up in a federal penitentiary that day on a weapons charge. So he swallowed 22 pellets of hashish. The RCMP was fully aware of his plans, and tipped off Correctional Service Canada. In 2014, Di Marco’s sentence was extended to five years after he pleaded guilty to drug trafficking.
Nicola Di Marco