Friday, November 11, 2016

UN gang member Michael Newman

In late February Canada’s highest court agreed with prosecutors that the evidence against United Nations gangster Michael Newman supported the charge of first-degree murder. That means Newman, who brutally killed Marc Rozen during a botched 2004 robbery, must serve a minimum of 25 years before he is eligible for parole.

During a prolonged struggle with his killer, Rozen was stabbed 62 times and eventually shot in the head. In February 2013, Newman was convicted of first-degree murder. The judge called the attack “particularly cruel” and “sadistic” also finding that Rozen was unlawfully confined in his apartment when he was killed.
Newman appealed successfully to the B.C. Appeal Court, which ruled that Rozen was not unlawfully confined. A second-degree conviction was entered, meaning Newman could have been eligible for parole 15 years sooner. Newman took the stand at his trial and claimed he went to Marc Rozen’s apartment, but that others in the suite attacked and killed him. He even pledged to find the “real killer.”
Police in Ontario arrested Newman on drug charges in 2007 and found the two guns that were used in the Rozen murder.

Newman was later attacked in Kent Institution and is now suing the federal government, claiming staff at the prison failed to protect him.
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