Saturday, December 10, 2016

Calgary Gangster tells of planned daylight downtown execution

“Fat” Vinh TruongGangsters in Calgary planned to murder a rival as he arrived at court to be sentenced for shooting his own rivals. The Crown’s star witness, Hans (Jay) Eastgaard is an admitted killer himself who has been granted immunity for his testimony. He said he conducted taped conversations with all three accused.

Trong Nguyen, Henry Nguyen and Byran Balla, are charged with conspiracy to commit murder. Hans Eastgaard is an original, top-level member of the FOB gang. (Fresh Off the Boat) In October, 2012 he and Trong Nguyen went for a drive which led them to downtown Calgary after he showed him the article about Truong pleading guilty to shooting at two members of their FOB gang. Truong was sentenced to six years in prison when he arrived at the courthouse safely.
Hans (Jay) Eastgaard, who has been granted immunity from prosecution for three gangland murders he was directly involved in, was working for police when he said he was approached by Trong Nguyen. Eastgaard carried out the shooting death of Kevin Anaya on Aug. 9. 2008 and took part in the slayings of Kevin Ses and Tina Kong six weeks later. He also attempted two other killings.

Calgary's gang conflict between the FOB and FOB Killers has taken dozens of lives.