Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Hells Angels in all-out war with NYPD: flurry of tickets

An all-out war is brewing in New York between the Hells Angels and NYPD after bikers refused to cooperate with a police investigation into a shouting outside their headquarters.
In response, cops stormed the notorious bikers' clubhouse on Tuesday, slapping bikers with tickets for minor infractions. More than 30 cops descended upon the East Village headquarters and handed out summonses for any minor infractions they could find. 'It was done just to f–k with them,' one police source told the New York Post. 'They're not cooperating with the investigation. If they're gonna give us a hard time, we're gonna give them a hard time.'

'They don't own that block and they have no right to block parking spots for themselves. It's a public street.' The cop added, 'They want to bring chaos and outrage into the community, [so] we are going to enforce the law and ensure they are following the rules.'