Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Hells Angels Robert David Allen fingered by Informant Noel Harder - Guilty

Robert David Allen
Full-patch Saskatoon Hells Angels Rob David Allen is facing jail time after being found guilty of trafficking cocaine. The verdict was handed down Monday in Saskatoon Queen's Bench Court almost two years after he was charged as part of the province-wide Project Forseti police raids. The operation in January 2015 saw police net nearly $8-million worth of drugs and some 200 guns in raids targeting the Hells Angels and the Fallen Saints motorcycle clubs.

It has been reported that Informant Noel Harder, in addition to being placed in witness protection, was paid $ 30,000 for his cooperation.

Noel Harder
Prosecutors say police intercepted text messages and recorded conversations between Noel Harder and Robert Allen. When speaking in person, the men often used hand signals to describe the drug deal. Harder said they would write notes that would be ripped up and flushed down the toilet, and code language was often used in text messages.

Harder decoded messages that used construction and sports references to talk about oxycodone. The motion of dealing cards referred to the drug deal.
Drawing a rectangle in the air indicated a block of cocaine, he said.
Harder said Allen initially approached him to start a “support group” for the Hells Angels after the Outlaws Motorcycle Club started gaining traction in the drug trade. The puppet club Fallen Saints Motorcycle Club was formed and Harder became vice-president.
Police informant Noel Harder testified today in the 'Project Forseti' trial of 36-year-old Hells Angels Robert David Allen on a drug trafficking charge. He told a Saskatoon court that Allen was involved in a plan to bring cocaine to Saskatoon from Hells Angels in Ontario.

Allen would indirectly supply the drugs for Harder to sell and would receive a $5,000 cut for every kilogram sold. Harder told court he met Allen in the summer of 2013. He became an informant in 2014 — six months after being pulled over by police while transporting guns — and kept the plan in place to sell drugs indirectly supplied by Allen. Allen smirked and shook his head during parts of Harder’s testimony. He is the lone remaining Saskatoon Hells Angel charged in Project Forseti.

Robert David Allen
Allen was arrested alongside 14 others after Saskatoon police and RCMP raided 20 properties across Saskatchewan and Alberta in January 2015 as part of Project Forseti. Harder and his family were taken to a secret location under the witness protection program just before the Project Forseti raids.

Allen’s trial is expected to last three days.

It was part of a larger operation in which police seized more than $8 million worth of drugs and 200 guns.
In February 2015 heavily armed police lined the hallways and numerous deputy sheriffs were stationed in the courtroom as Harder testified in the Isho Hana murder trial. Hana was chased down the street and shot in the back on April 15, 2004 during a drug turf war in Saskatoon.

Jonathan Dombrowsky, Kenneth Tingle, and Long Nam Luu were eventually found not guilty in the alleged contract killing.

Isho Hana

Jonathan Dombowsky, Kennith Tingle and Long Nam Luu
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