Sunday, December 11, 2016

Hells Angels set up shop in a Charlottetown residential neighbourhood

Members of the Darksiders North Shore club in Dartmouth, N.S. head to the gathering of bike gangs in Charlottetown Saturday night.
The Hells Angels are by far the biggest motorcycle gang with 36 chapters across Canada and over 400 full patch members.

P.E.I. has had an outlaw motorcycle gang presence since 2012, the Bacchus MC. They have chapters in Alberton and Alliston. There hasn’t been a bona-fide Hells Angels presence, other than the occasional visit, until now.
The Charlottetown Polices Services recently became aware that a building on Fitzroy Street was purchased and turned into a clubhouse. Members held an impromptu party Nov. 11 with about 30-50 people coming and going.

But for the party Saturday night, police estimated there would be upwards of 100 people and this was the one they were interested in.

A member of the Quebec Hells Angels, left, Nova Scotia biker, right.
Motorcycle Clubs in P.E.I.
- Bacchus- Alliston, Alberton
- Saints- Charlottetown
- Charlottetown Harley Club-Charlottetown
- Villains-Summerside
- Dying Breed-Summerside
- Woodbridge Hells Angels hangarounds-Charlottetown