Tuesday, May 11, 2021

3 Quebec HA busted in Dominican Republic - update

The three HA arrested are part of a drug investigation by the DEA with the Dominican Republic's immigration police. There's a problem with the Dominican dual citizenship of Aurèle Brouillette. Alexandre Landry has been in the Dominican Republic for about a year, on a visa. Stéphane Richard is on the run from an extortion trial in Quebec.
ALL 3 bikers remain caged.
3 Quebec Hells Angels have been arrested in the Dominican Republic. Aurèle Brouillette joins fellow HA Alexandre Landry and Stéphane Richard in handcuffs. Its said they had forged papers and were armed. This marks the first time the Dominican Republic has spanked the bikers. At one point more than half of Quebec's most wanted were hiding out in the Dominican Republic. Hells Angels who fled the province during the anti-biker operation in 2009 went to the island. Six of them were accused of a combined 22 murders. There's even a club chapter there. Los Barracos MC in the city of Cabarete became an official HA chapter in 2009.
David "Wolf" Carroll illustrates the difficulty bringing fugitives to justice. In 2004 Carroll was living in Puerto Plata. When Dominican cops arrived at the house he was renting, he had already fled. HA seek out the Dominican Republic for simple reasons. Its a transhipping point for cocaine and meth. The cost of living is low, there is ample corruption and no bilateral extradition treaty.

Aurèle Brouillette, 68.