Thursday, December 8, 2016

Massive Cocaine Seizures

RCMP have seized 127 kilograms of cocaine and made three arrests in a drug smuggling investigation in southwestern Quebec. Investigators said they uncovered a scheme to import large quantities of cocaine destined for the Montreal market by routing it through Los Angeles and Houston. Police identified one of the accused as Jaime Flores, 50. Flores had been on the run for nearly two years when he was arrested in Ecuador in January.

In June 2014 Jamie Flores was arrested, along with 32 others, in Project Clemenza, an operation that resulted in 87 charges. Those charges included gangsterism, conspiracy, drug importation, trafficking, possession, kidnapping, forcible confinement, possession of weapons and explosives, arson, extortion and assault.
At the time authorities said that one cell was associated with the Bastone brothers and the other with the now deceased Giuseppe De Vito, who died in prison in 2013 of cyanide poisoning.

In Vancouver, police seized 56 kilograms of cocaine. The wholesale value is around $ 2.8m with a street value reported as $ 4.5m
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