Thursday, December 8, 2016

No Arrests in Murder of German Hells Angel Aygün Mucuk

In July 2015 he was finally able to open the charter in Mittelhessen.
Two months after German Hells Angels leader Aygün Mucuk was cut down by 19 bullets, police are no closer to finding his killer. Mucuk's plans to set up his own charter in Giessen led to a power struggle within the Hells Angels in Frankfurt. Mucuk, originally from the Westend charter, wanted to found the Giessen charter in the summer of 2014. A few days before the official launch, Mucuk and four others were injured in a targeted shooting.
There has been a bitter rivalry between the Giessen Hells Angels, whose membership is largely Turkish, and the long-established Hells Angels chapter in Frankfurt.

Outlaw motorcycle gangs have about 6,000 members across Germany, the most prominent being the Hells Angels. Perhaps their most serious competition are from another US based gang, the Bandidos. The Bandidos are the ruling gang in the Ruhr region – something the Hells Angels are contesting. Motorcycle gangs are also fighting one another in northern Germany, where the Hells Angels have a strong advantage.
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