Thursday, December 15, 2016

PEI hopping mad over new Hells Angels clubhouse

"The only reason the club has arrived on P.E.I. is to make money through criminal activity – likely drugs. Police seem powerless to stop them."
"The Angels is the most notorious motorcycle gang in Canada. Wherever they set up, illegal activity follows. In some jurisdictions, violence is commonplace. "

The latest biker pow-wow and brand spanking new neighbors have citizens wondering. "In recent months, a sex shop was denied a permit on Euston Street, a dental office expansion encountered numerous delays on Belvedere Avenue and a nunnery was denied permission to rezone in Summerside."

"But an Angels chapter can simply buy a building, turn it into a clubhouse and locate here without any problems?"
The Hells Angels latest grand opening completes the trifecta for Atlantic Canada.
The 2nd newest Canadian chapter of the Hells Angels is based half an hour from the Quebec border in Sainte-Anne-de-Madawaska.

The clubhouse of the new chapter, located in the small community of just over 1,000, appears to be an old farm building.

Emery "Pit" Martin
Emery "Pit" Martin succeeded recruiting enough members (6 full patch required) with the help of former members of the Quebec City chapter, which is currently still inactive.

The mayor of Sainte-Anne-de-Madawaskathere, Roger Levesque is resigned. "There is not much we can do. I have already spoken with the RCMP on it and we can not prevent them from establishing themselves here"

Police expect a bang on the 39th anniversary of the Montreal Chapter, which could be highlighted with a big party this month. They believe the club could take the opportunity to announce the reopening of two inactive chapters, Quebec City and Sherbrooke. In response to the resurgence of the Hells Angels in Quebec, police will see their ranks increased 30% with eight mixed regional squads (ERM) dedicated to anti-biker investigations.

David 'Hammer' Macdonald
He’s well known in London as a longtime outlaw biker who helped change the criminal landscape of the city. Now, David ‘Hammer’ Macdonald is bringing the Hells Angels back to Nova Scotia.

Police say the London biker helped about 15 members of the Gatekeepers, a puppet club, move a key step closer to becoming full patch Hells Angels by awarding them hang-around status in June. The next step is becoming a prospect. With the Hells Angels moving into Ontario, Macdonald left his position as president of the London Outlaws and patched over to the rival club in 2001.

He took with him at least a half dozen other Outlaws, instantly consolidating the Hells Angels control over London’s drug trafficking trade. The Hells Angels had given an ultimatum to all Outlaws in Canada to join them or retire.
The Hells Angels lost their foothold in Nova Scotia in the early 2000s after police arrested most members. In 2013, Gatekeepers chapters began to surface.

In early June, one of those chapters held a welcome back party for the Hells Angels. Macdonald is originally from Pictou County, N.S., and is a frequent visitor to his grandfather’s residence in New Glasgow. Andrew Douglas wrote that about 12 of the new hang-around Hells Angels traveled to London in early May to receive the black vests carrying a red and white patch that reads London and signifies their status.