Saturday, April 17, 2021

Ex-Quebec HA Michel "L'Animal" Smith

Michel "L'Animal" Smith 5 years ago the HA awarded a golden parachute to one of their most influential members, who receives a $10k monthly pension after 23 years of service. Michel "L'Animal" Smith, a pillar of the South chapter, withdrew from the OMG. Smith, previously Michel Lajoie-Smith, left the club "with honor" - or in "good standing". The biker received his patches in 1993. Smith was one of two HA at the table with the Italian mafia to control the cocaine market in the Montreal area.
Cops believe Smith sponsored the first chapter of the Hells Angels in Ecuador in 2015. In Quito, the Devils Clowns officially joined the ranks of the Hells Angels. The charter is strategic since Ecuador is one of the main conduits through which Colombia cocaine transits, before being exported to North America.
A retiree on good terms with the Hells Angels must have the date of his departure under his tattoo with the effigy of the gang. Club rules stipulate that a retired member on good terms must have the date of his retirement below his "official" Hells tattoo. Those who leave in "bad standing" must remove or camouflage their tattoos.