Friday, December 9, 2016

Timothy Varga, alleged ringleader in criminal network arrested

40-year-old Calgary man Timothy Varga is the alleged ringleader of a crime network that stretched from Calgary to Vancouver. He is among 10 people charged in a bust that has resulted in 111 charges.

Varga has been charged with instructing a criminal organization, committing offenses for a criminal organization, recruiting members for a criminal organization, conspiring to commit an indictable offense, trafficking in cocaine, possession of property obtained by crime and six firearms charges.
Varga pleaded guilty to manslaughter in 1999 in connection with the brutal beating death of Stony Plain man Warren Blaine McCallum during a grow rip. After an initial beating by Varga and three others, which knocked out one of MacCallum's teeth, Varga was left alone with the man for about a half hour. He beat the incapacitated man with a baseball bat and stabbed him with a steak knife. Varga was sentenced to 14 years.

Others charged are Andrew McGuire, 41, Antonio Chavez, 23, Jason Hamilton, 40, Larissa Cowan, 25, Jared Kennedy, 32, Spencer Allan-Elliott, 26, Corey DeBakker, 19, Alex Wawia, 40 and Justine Brind-Suchar, 26.