Thursday, December 8, 2016

Top 5 Wanted Criminals in Canada

1. David MacDonald "Wolf" Carroll - 64 years of age, and after 15 years on the run, David MacDonald Carroll has proven he's a difficult man to find. Caroll is a member of the Hells Angels and convicted drug dealer. He is believed responsible for the killing of 13 and attempted murder of two others. Also known as "Wolf," Carroll is suspected of hiding in any of the 20 countries Hells Angels have chapters.

Renewed scrutiny was launched in 2012 after the capture of one of his cohorts in Panama. His last confirmed sighting was in Australia.
2. Frederick Cecil McLean - 64-years-old. Widely believed to have sexually abused children—one as young as five, Frederick Cecil McLean has been in hiding since 2005 when US Marshals issued a warrant for his arrest in California.

Police say the serial pedophile first started molesting children at the age of 28, when he was in San Felipe, Mexico.
3. Conor Vincent D'Monte - Aged 38. At large since January 2011, he was spotted at a British Columbia lawyer's office to sign over his $1.6 million home in his wife's name in April before disappearing once more.

D'monte is wanted for first degree murder in connection to the slaying of a rival gangster in 2009 and he has also been charged with three counts of conspiracy to commit murder. D'Monte is a former leader of the UN gang.
4. Christopher David Meer - Aged 32, is a suspected arsonist and extortionist who has been in hiding for nearly a decade. He is wanted on 11 different charges in relation to a series of fires causing millions of dollars in damages.

5. Imad Ibrahim - Aged 34, used fake credit cards and tampered, fraudulent ATM machines to siphon and counterfeit a total of $100 million. Lebanese-born Ibrahim is also a suspected coke dealer facing weapons charges, as well as fraud, counterfeiting and forgery.
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