Saturday, December 10, 2016

Two Bellingham brothers pull 10 years for smuggling cocaine into Canada

John Emmett Brown Jr., 46, and Derrick Louis Carter, 39, were charged in federal court with conspiracy to distribute cocaine for an incident on the night of Nov. 8, 2014. Carter was pulled over by a Whatcom County sheriff’s deputy for speeding on H Street Road. The road stretches a dozen miles along the border from Blaine to Lynden, a “notorious” rural area for drug smuggling.

Over a decade ago the brothers had been detained in the same wooded spot. Ten times Brown has been arrested in Canada and deported; Carter had been deported from Canada three times. U.S. agents set up a lookout. Moments later they saw silhouettes on the Canadian side, running by a ditch that marks the border.
RCMP responded and found Carter’s cousin, Victor Tyrone Peal, about ¾ mile north of the border. By midnight a second man Kyle Maurice Provo, of Surrey was arrested in the brush nearby. A third smuggler, Brown, escaped.

Three backpacks were found in the trees, with 29 kilos of cocaine. After an 11-day trial a federal jury found the brothers guilty of conspiracy to distribute cocaine and possession of cocaine with intent to distribute. Defense attorneys noted that the two other defendants faced far less severe punishments because they “had the good fortune to be caught and charged in the Canadian criminal justice system.”