Thursday, January 19, 2017

Career Criminal Bruno Hudon busted again

Bruno "Moses" Hudon
Bruno Hudon, 62, a former member of the Hells Angels and brother of Quebec Chapter member Daniel Hudon, was arrested this morning in La Pocatière during a police raid against a network of alleged cocaine traffickers.

Bruno "Moses" Hudon was one of the co-founders of the Quebec chapter of the Hells Angels in 1988 and was vice-president. In 1994 he was expelled on good terms.

In 1999 Hudon was found guilty of burning down a peeler bar. The bar had forbidden him from entering wearing colors. A former associate of the club became informer and testified against him. In 2001 Hudon and some sixty Hells Angels, members of their affiliated clubs, and associates were arrested in a major investigation by the RCMP. He was sentenced to more than 50 months in prison in June 2003
During a ruling in April 2002 Hudon was described as controlling the distribution of narcotics for the La Pocatière region. In March 2012, a prosecutor from the Office of organized crime said the area belonged to the Hells Angels.