Thursday, January 26, 2017

Family alleges brother of Kelowna gang member tricked their dying mother

David Joseph Habib
They lived in the house most of their lives, their mother wanted them to have it, but now a dispute with their uncle and his ex-wife has forced them to move out. Jordell Andrea Hofmann and her brothers Andrew Anthony Lloyd Bloomfield and Dominic Dale Hofman are currently in a legal battle with their uncle, David Joseph Habib, and his ex-wife, Becky Dee Komant, over a property in East Kelowna.
Sally passed away after battling cancer in August 2015. Her children say that she held a one-third interest in the property when she passed, but David and Becky disagree. They say that in 2004, Sally was in financial trouble and entered into an oral agreement with her brother, David, that she would relinquish her share of the property in exchange for free rent at the house for the rest of her life.
Damiano Dipopolo
In December 2014, when Sally was battling cancer, David had her sign a form, transferring her share of the house to Becky. He says this just formalized the verbal agreement they had made 10 years prior.

The family alleges that David's brother, Dale Habib, is a gang member and threatened him when he refused to leave the home in November 2016. Dale Habib was charged in 2006 for the 2003 murder of Douglas Kuntz, but his charges were dropped later that year. Dale Habib has long been recognized as the president of the now disbanded HA 'puppet club' the 'Kingpin Crew'.