Friday, January 27, 2017

Massive Raid on Haarlem Hells Angels; Netherlands - Update

The investigation of the Haarlem chapter of the Hells Angels has found weapons and drugs. Police searched 24 locations in the Netherlands, among them was the clubhouse in Haarlem.

Drugs such as cocaine and ecstasy were found. At one of the locations searched, police found a small ecstasy lab. All nine members of the Haarlem chapter were arrested and remain in custody.
Police raided the clubhouse of the Hells Angels in Haarlem. At the same time a raid was also done at a second location in the city. In total police made ten arrests: nine men and one woman.
The nine men are between 35 and 64 years old and are all members of the club. They are suspected of extortion, threats, violence and arson. The clubhouse in Haarlem has been closed by order of the mayor. The prosecution wants to immediately seize the property.

The Haarlem chapter of the HAMC is seen as the most important one in the Netherlands. The president, Lysander Rider, was sentenced to a prison sentence of thirty months in April for weapons and assault.
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