Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Naming charged officers in Calgary a 'black eye' for police - Les Kaminski

Les Kaminski
On January 7, 2017 Les Kaminski, the Calgary Police Association’s newly elected president leapt heroically to the defense of constable Trevor Lindsay after Daniel Haworth suffered serious head injuries when he was thrown to the ground in handcuffs while being transferred in May 2015. Police did not release Lindsay's name because he was “in the execution of his duties” at the time of the incident.

While he was being removed from the police car, a video shows a handcuffed Haworth being punched in the head three times by Lindsay, who then throws him on the ground where he lies unconscious. Doctors diagnosed Haworth with a permanent brain injury. He has since died from a drug overdose. Last week constable Trevor Lindsay was finally charged with aggravated assault.

Daniel Haworth
“I know this kid personally, to the best of my knowledge he’s an outstanding police officer,” said Les Kaminski, “He does his job very well ...". Trevor Lindsay is named in a lawsuit still underway for another alleged police assault in 2013. On January 17, 2017 Les Kaminski was criminally charged with perjury and assault with a weapon, while his partner constable Brant Derrick has been charged with assault causing bodily harm. The charges relate to a 2008 arrest involving high-profile Hells Angel Jason Arkinstall.
The judge in the case said Arkinstall was “physically abused” by officers during his arrest and that an anonymously recorded video contradicted the sworn testimony of the cops.

Kaminski and Derrick were deemed not credible nor reliable witnesses.